buy-to-let investment still better than a pension – even with CGT threat

If, like many fifty year olds, you abandoned your pension a while back to fund a buy-to-let property the new UK government might be worrying you.

Their move to bring Capital Gains Tax (CGT) inline with income tax might seem fair for professional landlords, who buy and sell residential property for profit, but not for a private landlord whose second property is his retirement nest egg.


Newspaper refuses to print free property letting ads

You know you’ve come up with a revolutionary idea when a newspaper group refuses to print your adverts.

Following the West Midlands launch of www.propertymatch.com, a free property letting website, Northcliffe Newspapers has refused to publish ads in any of its publications promoting the service, forcing propertymatch.com to spend more of its adverting budget online!


Ten common legal mistakes made by landlords

The rules and procedures may vary depending on type of tenancy but all landlords have certain obligations and rules to adhere to when they let their house or flat to someone. Here are ten of the most common legal mistakes landlords make.


Property lettings services: which offer the best value?

For landlords who want to let a house or flat there are a number of different services available to help secure the holy grail of a reliable tenant for the property.


Is the buy to let market recovering?

A quick online search will tell you that experts everywhere are hailing 2010 as the year the mortgage and housing markets will see a sustained recovery. But what about the buy to let market? Is that growing too and is now a good time to buy a property to let?


effective property letting services

A quick perusal of Google search results for online letting services will show you that there are hundreds if not thousands out there, all offering extremely similar services for extremely similar prices.

Most charge landlords a fee in exchange for marketing their properties to tenants but some go one step further and charge the tenants for their services as well. These additional costs involved in letting and renting a property can understandably deter both parties from using a letting agent.


Fully managed property letting service or DIY?

A fully managed letting service is a tempting prospect for the time poor landlord. In exchange for a fee, letting agencies will not only promote the property and negotiate the initial letting but take care of everything thereafter, from checking the tenant’s references, to collecting the deposit and rent, to registering the tenant with the utilities companies, to handling any required maintenance.

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